Going Grey Pt 1

There comes a time in most people’s life when grey hair sprouts through (even if that’s just your eyebrows!) and many face the question of whether to ‘go grey gracefully’ or whether or not to fight it for as long as possible with hair colouring. When speaking with my clients and others, there seems to usually be one of two schools of thought; either the feeling that to maintain a darker colour past a certain age is false and conceited, and somehow distasteful. Or fear that to finally let go, cut down on the expense and to truly be oneself could incur negative judgement and one might even potentially be deemed less desirable.

When asked for advice about going grey, or about any aspect of appearance, my advice is always the same: do what you want to do – if others have an opinion about it, they’ll get used to it. It is your hair, so enjoy it! My grandmother is in her seventies, I still colour her hair and she still wears her makeup and pearls every day, and very elegant she is, too (not that I’m biased or anything).

That ‘Awkward’ Stage

Whether you’re growing out hair colour or a style, most assume that to grow out hair means months of compromise, being irritated, and mostly avoiding mirrors whilst you put up with the slow death of your once-familiar look. This doesn’t have to be the case at all. In terms of growing out a style, the one thing you must maintain is structure, but that is another topic. As for colour, to simply stop colouring your hair and let it go wild may be such a tempting thought, if you’re ready to take the plunge, but ultimately I would dissuade this method. Especially if you’re still working or are regularly in the company of people who notice these things – not that what you look like is any of their business, but to constantly receive unsolicited opinions when making such a statement is something not many of us can stomach with grace.

What you really need…is a plan. There is the option of using a watered-down version of your current colour over time, perhaps in foils rather than all over, but one must be careful not to go muted or wishy-washy if you didn’t suit those colours to begin with – now that will make you look older! When coming to such a decision about changing one’s hair so drastically, I cannot recommend enough going to get your colours ‘done’. And if you did have it ‘done’ a long time ago, go to the House of Colour to get a colour refresh (they do colours for the beginners as well). It’s inexpensive and will save you money, patience and time. And if you’ve never had your colours done before, it is life changing (when done properly). There is no excuse!

For those who suit texture, multi-tonal highlights are a relatively easy option for going au naturel. In fact, if you already have some of your natural colour running through your hair, it may be possible to simply put an alternative colour over the top of your existing highlights. But for those who look better with block colours or bolder sections, some bleaching may be necessary in order to create at least some uniformity to begin with, which will blend with your natural colour.

In Conclusion…

Overall, there are so many who are asking what the ‘right thing’ to do is for their hair or lifestyle and, of course, the answer is always ‘whatever makes you happy’! If you’re not ready to go fully grey yet, but your current colour is becoming bothersome or you’ve just simply had enough of it, start with a small change and always, always get a professional to do it. It’s not throwing away money – it’s self-investment and self-care.