“I’m not good at makeup” is something I hear all the time. Whether I’m networking or mentioning a product that might help someone, this statement comes up time and time again. Typically each declarant is not saying this with a laugh and a smile, but with an ashamed or self-deprecating look on their face.

It may surprise you to know, but I didn’t come out of the womb with a highlighting brush in my hand, either. Nor did I arrive into the world with the ability to walk, talk, or not crap my pants, but here we are.

However, it is true that the later in life we leave learning these new skills, the more self conscious we become. I think back to how unpressured I was in my teens compared to how much my visual representation matters now, and I don’t blame other adults for feeling this way. I think back to when I covered my face in orange eyeshadow or when I wore foundation that was five shades too dark and think how lightly I got away with it, not to mention how little I cared. I just enjoyed playing with makeup and couldn’t have cared less how good it was. It was just fun!

Fast forward to the adults I teach to do makeup now and some of them are bloody terrified. Whilst I don’t want to put down the skill of a good makeup artist, I would like to reassure you that it is not rocket science and you (yes you) can become proficient enough at it that you can make yourself up for a party and actually enjoy it, or at the very least feel comfortable.

You don’t need to smear your face in fifty products. You don’t need an entire leather pouch of makeup brushes. You don’t need to spend more than five or ten minutes doing it. You especially don’t need to mark your face out in thick multicoloured creams like a geographical map and then spend an hour blending and baking yourself into a poreless Barbie.

For the most part, adults want to look like themselves, but well-rested and comfortable. And for that reason is it possible to learn all the makeup tips and techniques you’ll probably ever need, all in an hour and a half. And, believe it or not, you’ll enjoy it! Granted, makeup isn’t for everyone, and I am the first to tell someone ‘if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it’. Makeup, and any other kind of grooming, is only any good if it brings you a sense of self care, is congruent with you and your values, and is enjoyable!

If you’d love to be rid of the ‘oh gawd, I’ve got to get ready for that event and I don’t know what I’m doing’ feeling, and would instead like to finally feel positive and comfortable about putting on your own makeup, drop me a line!