Harris was recommended to me by a Colour Consultant. A few years before, I had my colours analysed and was told I’m a ‘Leafy Autumn’, and since then I’ve asked several hairdressers to put warm autumn colours in my hair (I’m very pale, and need to be warmed up). But no matter how thorough the consultation, I never ended up with the right colour. I often came out with a blondish or reddish colour that made me look even paler, like a ghost.

Then Harris came to my house for a consultation, and we sat looking through her colour swatches. The difference with Harris is that she sits down with you face-to-face, and really listens to what you want and don’t want, in a very calm, patient and quiet way, and takes as long as you need to work out, together, what cut and colour you are hoping for. She will gently guide you if needed, but what you get is a consultation that is 100% tailored to your colouring, hair type, personality, character, and lifestyle. And then she goes home. This for me is very different to being in a salon, where the consultation is rushed, it’s noisy, and they often start snipping away before you’ve even finished the consultation, or you may only get three minutes to make a rushed decision about what colour to put in.

Another bonus for me, was that I’d also had my ‘Style Personality’ analysed a while ago through ‘House of Colour’, and was told I’m a ‘natural ingénue’. Harris was able to suggest what kind of cuts and would suit me, as a ‘natural’ – she instinctively knew that I’d prefer something low maintenance, easy to manage, natural looking, and soft; as opposed to a dramatic or highly structured restyle.

Then Harris came back to my house another day, and she cut my hair and gave me highlights. When I finally looked in the mirror I was elated. She’d given me a mixture of warm amber colours (which correlate with my ‘best colours’ – in relation to the colour analysis I had done a few years ago). I’ve never had colour that looks so right – whether I’ve got no makeup on, or whether I’m fully made up. She also gave me a choppy bob and fringe, and this is the best cut I’ve had in years. And as proof, I’ve had the biggest number of ongoing compliments ever.


Hair Design Client