Personal Hair Design

Are we right for each other?

The clients I have the best working relationships with all have a lot in common, despite being from many different industries and backgrounds. They are all time poor and need someone who will make everyday upkeep easy, minimal, or sometimes even non-existent. My clients all understand the importance of their personal visual brand, and I tailor make their look to fit them perfectly, creating a strong, consistent and authentic style.

My clients know exactly how much energy they have on the average day to spend on their grooming, and just like most people, it’s fairly limited. It’s my job to make sure that the cut and colour of their hair lasts them well and needs little to no upkeep in between appointments with me.

One thing I’m told repeatedly by the type of people who enjoy working with me is that I make hair appointments convenient. I travel to see all of my clients in their homes or at their studios and venues, which saves them the time, cost and energy of leaving their home, finding parking and then sharing their time and space with a group of strangers. Some clients will continue work, have Skype meetings or a glass of something in the comfort of their own environment whilst I work. I arrive fully equipped with everything they could need. This is ideal for my clients who don’t particularly enjoy the salon experience; they are the only client in the room, no one else is on standby waiting for me and there’s no rush to finish if they need me for a few more minutes. I intentionally do not pack my days with as many clients as I could see; it’s paramount to me that I do not replicate the ‘conveyor-belt experience’ and that I do not compromise my quality of work.


I’ve spoken to many people during my time in the hair industry and I’m disappointed in how many of you have been told, or made to feel that your hair texture is anything but fabulous. I believe in natural hair texture so much that I offer absolutely no service that permanently changes the texture of hair; you’ll find no chemical straightening or perms in my catalogue. It’s true that I might curl or straighten hair (although very rarely – straightening is not as fashionable these days, and didn’t suit many faces even when it was on trend) for a shoot or special event, but it seems obvious to me that by embracing our natural hair texture and designing a cut to suit the texture, rather than forcing a texture to suit the cut, is what gives us a super-manageable and stylish look. When texture is embraced it really can do all the work for us. Fighting texture uses up precious time and energy, and adds to any feelings of inadequacy we may have about our hair.


…is very personal. Even if we’ve had our season analysed and understand what suits us, there are still many feelings wrapped up in how and why we wear, or don’t wear, colour. I am a huge advocate of supporting those who do not want to colour their hair. For those that do, it’s important to use colour in just the right way; so it enhances you without wearing you. A few of my clients enjoy a colourful and possibly festival-worthy streak of colour, but the majority of my clients want something that looks natural or glamorous, quirky or professional, pretty or dramatic.

The colour I use the majority of the time is Koleston Perfect. It’s one of the most trusted brands in the industry and delivers consistent and beautiful shades, all coded warm and cool to help me tailor my colour services to you. When something more adventurous comes up, I’m very comfortable with bright and alternative looks, too, having had very bright hair colours myself for many years. As part of my colour services, I always infuse my colours and bleach with a good quality hair oil. This helps in protecting the hair in the colouring process and also helps hair colours to last longer by better bonding the hair colour inside of the hair shaft. It can also markedly improve the shine in your hair and many clients swear by this method.

Special Requirements

If you’re one of those people who prefer a natural or henna colour, that can be catered to as well; let me know your requirements and we can work around you. If you’re allergic to PPD’s or simply want something more gentle or organic, you don’t need to give up on having coloured hair. I am also familiar with things like Sensory Processing Disorder, Alzheimers, the logistics for wheelchair users, and other things that can make hair appointments tricky. Feeling good in your own skin is important, and sometimes even more so for those of us who are not always catered for, or very sensitive, or not feeling well, and for these reasons delivering a good service to everyone is extremely important to me.

You can call or email me for any advice, even if you’re not looking to book. Find my details on my contacts page and I look forward to hearing from you or reading your message.